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Tools for the Emergency Services and Enterprise Environment

Time is the key in many emergency situations. Getting the right help and support in these situations is crucial and knowing where to go can often be a challenge. MobileLocate is a service that can potentially help Emergency Services and Enterprise locate quickly where an incident or situation is located. MobileLocate is a tool that can help and reduce the risk of critical people and property catastrophes

What the service is:

  • An opt in service; an individual MUST action and agree to reveal their location.

  • Raises the odds; it will not work 100% of the time, but raises the odds to getting more detail location information.

  • Simple to use; access via the Internet with very simple and intuitive web pages to approved users.

  • Provides rescue guidance assistance; rescuers also get access while out and about it getting location information from their mobile devices.

MobileLocate has been specifically designed for Search and Rescue, Police, Fire and Ambulance services to give better information on where something is.

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